Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One more year gone

Another year has passed so fast. My baby will turn 2 soon, he's getting big now, even though he's not talking that much he is doing stuff that other kids his age don't. He follows what i do or what daddy is doing, he is well behaved most of the times, and he does understand what i am telling him.
Soon he'll have to go to childcare, so he can enjoy the company of other kids, so he can learn other more interesting stuff. He'll have kids his own age to play with, fight for toys, or share the toys.
I am happy he's a very humble boy, well so far, he loves to share a smile with all people. Specially in the food courts or mcdonalds, he'll smile at those cleaners and try to grab their hands to say hello.
He asks me for coins to give to those selling tissue or singing on the side of the MRT stations.
Cristmas is coming and unlike other years, this time my hubby and i won't buy gifts for each other, we bought some for jsh and for our friends. Our financial problems has reached us from behind and we can't run away anymore. But we thank God for all the help we have received from him the whole year and specially last few days. We hope and pray that next year will be a better one for us and for everybody else.
I wish i could buy gifts for so many people right now, i wish i could give smth to our families, but instead i will pray for them so they will have what they need, i pray for good health, peace, happiness, joy and love.


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