Saturday, October 27, 2012

Motherhood teaches you many things

It is true. You think you know everything, and that you can fix and solve and answer to anything in this life. Whatever may come to you it's solvable.
Well, big news to all those who never experienced parenthood or motherhood. You get stuck. Literally stuck.
From the moment they come into your life till you die. Haven't tried afterlife, but hope they will manage themselves when I won't be around anymore.
I love my son, a lot. More than life, I would do almost anything for him. But he has his own "moments" where he outsmart me or he wishes he would and could. Take for example the time when his father bought a new iPad. He wanted to see and check and press and many more. So we got him some cool nice apps to enjoy and kill the boredom. Well he did more than that. By 2 and a few months he knew the alphabet, he recited it and recognized the letters. By 2 and abt 8-9months he could count to 20 forward and from 10backwards. He knew most colors and shapes and he could do simple puzzles on iPad by the age of three. He wouldn't allow us to show him how it"s done or help him when he couldn't do something. He would struggle and scream at himself in rage and anger when he would find a tough one. He ,somehow, got it every time. He did have some really tough times, then he'd come crying and showing his disappointed face to me, and he would ask if I can help.
My point is that you may think they, your kids, have no idea about anything, but you might be surprised to find you were wrong.
They learn faster than you think and they figure things out quicker than you would.
What lesson are you taught out of this? The lesson if independence, let them be, let them experience all sorts of feelings. Let them come ask for help, do not offer right away. You might think you're doing both a favor. For him-he won't feel frustrated or challenged, for you -you won't get to hear the screams and whines.
It is a good short-term solution. In a long-term it's a wrong one. You do not want to facilitate his easy way of fixing things by asking you to do it. You wanna challenge his brain, his emotions.

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