Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I want everybody to understand how dangerous is to shake your baby.
I know how difficult it is to handle a baby cry, specially when they cry non-stop. But as adults we have to understand that crying is their way to comunicate with us, tell us that smth is not right.
My son used to cry for hours when he was 2-5 months old. I would try to sing, swing him, check his diapper, feed him, nothing would work. The best advice i got from friends, other mothers, internet, was to just put him into his crib and get out of that room for few minutes, regroup and recharge myself, after my mind was clear and i was calmer, i would go back and while taking deep deep breaths placed him on my chest, both lying on the bed comfortably, he would stop. He would love to feel the calmness of my breath and the slow heart beat.
It was just so simple to handle this...

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