Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stay-at-home Mom vs Career Woman

My son is now 16 mnth old and i am thinking what to do? Put him into childcare and find a job for myself or just stay at home for longer?
When i got pregnant i quit my job because i was sick all the time and the environment where i was working wasn't good for my pregnancy. So then i said that once i will give birth i will stay at home with my baby for 6 months, then will start looking for jobs. It's very expensive to have a baby, not that i am complaining. I thought it will be easier for my hubby as well. But when i check around for infant care centres i got a shock to know how much they charge.
My initial thought was to get a half day job, and i would have time for my son, for the house, and for myself, but viewing all those charges from child care centres, it got me thinking. For a half day job i would be paid very less, compared to a full-time job, and so i would not afford to put my son into childcare.
The time passed and here we are with my son 16months old and no job.
Shoul i feel somehow guilty for not having a job or not trying hard enough? My hubby is woking so hard and i wish i could help sometimes.
He always tells me that he likes me being home cause i can take care of our son for longer. We heard so many stories from childcare centres whereby children have been punished way too harsh. At one point i will have to let go of him and send him to kindergarten, but first just want to make sure i am ready and he is ready as well. He needs to communicate with me and teachers and talk to me when something bad happen to him.
I know and i have seen a lot of stay-at-home moms, and they're ok with the fact that their husbands are working and they look after their children. So maybe so should I.
For now i will spend as much time with my son as i can, later on will see what will happen.
Love and hugs

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  1. Hi. I can understand what you feel. Most of the times, we are torn between having a full time job and wanting to take care of our kids 24-seven. We feel that we want to do both. But we know that we can't do both at the same time. It's better to weigh things first. Just enjoy your baby for the meantime. When the right time comes, that work opportunity will just knock on your door. :-)