Monday, February 24, 2014

Tough day

Saturday, 22nd Feb, was a tough day. With my lo having some tummy trouble and my older one having 40degree fever. 
It's crazy when it happens all at the same time. My lo was screaming her lungs out, am guessing because of her tummy, not sure if colicky or just upset tummy, and my elder one was having high fever, third day in a row. It was lunch time as well. And my older one, Joshua, was hungry and lethargic, sort of. 
Which one should I have attended to first? My head was spinning thinking how am I going to do this? How do I get them both to calm down and feed at the same time? 
Thank God my lo settled easily after abt 30mins of carrying, and my sweet Joshua for being so understanding and patient. 
We got through that day and now I keep wishing and praying that it won't happen again. But hey, when you have two kids, or more, you never know what's in store and how the next day will be. 

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